Here's to the crazy ones who read first posts

Every blog / news feed has to start somewhere, of course.

The journey begins here.

I’m Chris, and there’s more about me over on the About page.

I have four goals when it comes to Entro Games:

Make games that have lots of strategy and replayability…

…because every time you play should be unique. Sure, games can have a fair bit of luck, but I hate it when the critical moment ends up being based entirely on luck.

Make games that are easy to learn and setup…

…because spending half an hour setting up the game or understanding the dozens of pieces just delays the fun. All of the games I’m developing can be setup in five minutes by one person, and can be explained in five minutes or less.

Make games that are fun to play, not just filler…

…because ‘fun’ is why we play. Whether we’re a CEO, a bug, a superhero, or a zombie hunter, we play games to have fun. I hate the term ‘filler’ – like I have to time to ‘fill’.

The last one is personal.

To make some money while having fun. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Expect future blog posts to focus on things learned while playing or designing games, along with game-related stuff I’m excited about.