Another busy month behind the scenes! Like plenty of other game developers, so much of what happens takes place… well not ‘behind closed doors’, but just ‘not in public’. I speak for a lot of designers / developers when I say we only want to show off our best work. If there’s something new we’re not yet sure about, we’re probably going to announce that loud and clear ahead of time so as to set your expectations accordingly.

Biggest news first: Cryptomillionaire takes Honorable Mention

July 2018 update: Cryptomillionaire gets Honorable Mention, a new country, and a new project

After being selected as one of six finalists for the Board Game Design Lab contest and being playtested by a number of publishers and gamers, Cryptomillionaire took one of three Honorable Mentions I got some great video feedback from the judges at Dice Tower Con, and the prototype copy sent in was taken home by a potential publisher.

Where is Chris now?

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’re continuing our ‘slow travels’ through Eastern Europe for the rest of 2018, except to attend Essen, of course…

What games are you playtesting?

At the moment, none =( As per usual, I’ll put in a fair bit of time and effort to research the best places to buy and play board games as we go. I was coming up empty for Sarajevo from online research, however. A nearby mall has a fairly large selection of games for sale, and even has a separate play area. That seems dominated by Yu-Gi-Oh and other TCG’s, and the staff made it sound like they used to have board game nights, but the interest waned over time…

I am, of course, continuing development on a number of games. While several are too early in development to share, Apocalypse Garden is components-ready (in other words, ready to playtest) and entered into the Board Game Geek’s solo-only game contest.

July 2018 update: Cryptomillionaire gets Honorable Mention, a new country, and a new project

Well, the end of the world came and went — as one of the world’s ‘preppers’, you survived. Now, you’re trying to regrow civilization — and a little garden from the seeds you saved. In this one-player-only resource management game, you’ll need to ask the age-old question: ‘how does your garden grow?’ Those ration packs won’t last forever, after all. Grow your vegetables, protect them from intruders, and don’t starve! Five difficulty levels to try, a simple scoring system, and a bit of humor are mixed together.

This game’s still being tweaked a bit here and there, and the files are online for you to check out for yourself.

Not being able to publicly playtest games doesn’t mean projects are on hold, it just means they aren’t getting played as much. I’ve turned more of my attention to developing new game ideas and one new idea…

What’s happening behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes, I’m giving a new game its third new theme. Just wasn’t happy with the first two, but there’s a special component at play that I want to get the best use of.

Another new game involves drawing lines on a map to try and make the best borders for yourself, but the goals change along the way.

I’m tweaking Cryptomillionaire a bit as a response to feedback from the judges. Some cards will be taken out, some re-balanced a bit, some new cards added. Yes, it’s a little vague, but I’m only partially finished.

As always, I’m reading and watching a lot of stories and videos created within the industry. I don’t know how I missed them, but Jamey Stegmaier’s Youtube channel has been great watching for plenty of reasons.

What’s the next big thing?

It’s still very early on, but one issue I’ve seen come up again and again in the world of board games has been there aren’t that many people dedicated to reviewing Kickstarter games… especially those light, family, or party games I happen to make and love myself. It really requires being proactive on the right Facebook groups or staying active on Kickstarter itself to explore the tabletop games being crowdfunded, and it’s really rather easy to forget about all of that when there’s so much else going on…

July 2018 update: Cryptomillionaire gets Honorable Mention, a new country, and a new project

That’s where Games Previewed will come in.

To be clear from the start, this will be a completely different project, with its own website, domain name, and so on. The website is currently online, though as of when this post is published, no videos are on it yet. Essentially, the goal is to create a Youtube channel that focuses on previewing games coming to Kickstarter and games that are still on the horizon / still being developed. You might see an idea you love, which is your cue to follow the developer on Twitter, Facebook, or jump on their e-mail list. I’ve also gotten some questions from developers about some other types of videos, so we’ll have to see where this leads…