It’s the August update, people!

Where is Chris now?

I’m still in Sarajevo, Bosnia through the rest of the month. We’ll be leaving early September to continue our journey.

What games are you playtesting?

August update: prepping for Essen, re-recording videos, and a bit of site work

Apocalypse Garden: I dropped the ball on sharing more about this one – sorry about that. This is a one-player-only resource management game that’s a spin-off of an earlier concept about growing a garden. See it here. It’s perhaps a great example of how re-theming a game (from a fairly plain vanilla game about gardening to a post-apocalyptic setting) can really change the feel and gameplay. It’s been entered in the 2018 Solitare PnP contest over at Board Game Geek — head over there to download the latest version. It’s more or less at it’s final version, both for the contest and in general, so I’ll be pitching it soon enough.

August update: prepping for Essen, re-recording videos, and a bit of site work

Secret Recipe: after filling out my umpteenth logic puzzle and getting bored with sudoku puzzles, I thought about creating a Mastermind-like game for more than two players. (More specifically, I wanted to create a game that would have all players trying to decrypt a code — a code that would be different every time you play, so the game is endlessly replayable). The catch, of course, is that you can’t have any one player know the solution. Since everyone’s working individually, you’d need a way for all players to see a solution is correct without them knowing what the code was, right or wrong. See it here.

In short, I think I’ve done it. Intrigued? Yes, you should be. Credit where credit is due: a big thanks to fellow designer Don C. Wilkes III for a concept and magical two words that was both thematically appropriate and brilliant in its universal simplicity. The game needs some more playtesting, and there’s very little luck in the current version, but it’s one I’ll be pitching at Essen as well.

What’s happening behind the scenes?

As usual, quite a bit.

  • I’ve seen some revised art / graphic design for Cryptomillionaire and sent some notes onto the artist.
  • I’ve booked my ticket to Essen, a place to stay, and the flight to Germany for Essen. Yes, it’s two-plus months out. Still excited about it.
  • I will be refreshing some of the walkthrough videos for the older game I’ll be taking to Essen.
  • I’ve refined some stuff behind making videos for
  • I’ve tweaked how the site works — as of now, games in development now go to one ‘in development‘ page. It’s easier to edit / update things that way.

What’s the next big thing?

Over on, I’ll have at least four videos for future Kickstarters coming throughout September.

We’ll also be traveling through southeast Europe through September and October — if you’re in Podgorica, Pristina, or Skopje, make contact and let’s connect!