As a digital nomad, I’m constantly on the move. That means joining game nights, checking out board game cafes, and otherwise looking for fun places to play and meet local gamers. The Where to Game series aims to cover some great places to check if you’re in the area.
Call it Priština, Prishtina, or Приштина as you like — if you’re going to the capital of Kosovo, there are a couple of places to game. The board game culture is still quite new here, however, and very few games are available for sale yet.

Mana Board Game Bar

Along Agim Ramadani street / M9 (across the street from Hotel Sirius), Prishtina

XPortal E-Games Academy

Corner of Iljaz Agushi and Henrik Baric


 Where to game in: Prishtina, Kosovo
Mana Board Game Bar – along Agim Ramadani street / M9 (across the street from Hotel Sirius), Prishtina (GPS: 42.662353, 21.164793)
Opened earlier this year in a basement along a busy street, Mana has an ample selection of drinks. It’s not the biggest place around, so you might need a reservation if you’re dropping by on Friday or Saturday nights. Don’t let that stop you, though — the locals are all friendly and speak English pretty well.
Where to game in: Prishtina, Kosovo
They’re all English versions (save perhaps one or two very limited edition locally made games), and I had a great time playtesting some of my own games with the guys there. Expect beers to run about 1.50€, non-alcoholic drinks are available (but as of my visit, no food) and a monthly membership may be needed. For more info, check out their Facebook page.
Where to game in: Prishtina, Kosovo
XPortal E-Games Academy – corner of Iljaz Agushi and Henrik Baric (GPS: 42.667550, 21.167431)
While you wouldn’t expect a place about e-sports to have board games period, they did have a few on the shelf. Along with a dark theme and low lighting, the e-sports you might expect to find are around. I didn’t have the chance to return here to see what the crowd was like, so you’ll need to check this one out for yourself — whether you’re into board games or e-sports, this place did have quite a few younger faces around.

Over to you

Where do you game in Prishtina?