For far too long, board games have been dominated by straight white men. For a bunch of reasons, I set out to find the voices and perspectives that weren’t white straight men… and there’s a ton of them out there.
No list like this could ever be called complete – leave a comment to help make it better.
This post is organized by media, and I’ve tried to mention the other media a person or site creates. Also, there are plenty of designers out there that fit this category, but for the purposes of this post, I’ve focused on the people that are actively creating a blog, podcast, vlog, stream, Youtube channel, or some other form of content beyond games. See the resources sections near the bottom to discover designers that fit the bill.
Without further ado, and in alphabetical order…


  • All the Meeples of the Rainbow – Steph Hodge offers up giveaways, reviews, and tons of pictures.
  • – Jonathan Flike keeps a developer’s blog about his game projects and gives some great behind-the-scenes look at development.
  • Cardboard Mountain – Jake Frondorf talks game design and reviews board games.
  • Dicebreaker – “Dicebreaker brings professional, high-quality coverage of amazing tabletop games to everybody. From the latest Dungeons & Dragons adventure and biggest board games of the year to overlooked tabletop gems that you might’ve missed, it’s the place for veterans and newcomers alike to find their next favourite game and go inside the games they already love.” Does a ton of videos as well.
  • – plenty of news and stories about board games. #gamedesigndaily FTW! Also on Twitch.
  • Man’o Kent Games – Jennifer Ford edits this blog, along with designing and testing games for Man O’ Kent blog.
  • Meeple Marketing – Nalin Chuapetcharasopon writes about Kickstarter board game marketing, keeps a podcast, and runs a Facebook group about Kickstarter Board Game Marketing.
  • People Behind the Meeples – a great place to read about designers in their own words.
  • Pudgy Cat Games – Jacqueline and her cat Leyla review games, and look to be publishing games in the future.
  • Recompense RPG – Nick Butler writes about creating a seriously cool-looking RPG.
  • Shipp Board Games – Sarah Shipp keeps a great blog about game design and design theory.
  • Talagacom – Kerwyn Velasco writes about game design and some behind-the-scenes looks.
  • The Game Shelf – Amy and Fiona review games from a couple’s perspective.
  • Weird Giraffe Games – Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games talks about game design, prototyping, and more.
  • What’s Eric Playing? – Eric Yurko covers a wide array of board games, both reviews and previews.
  • Xenomarket – Frederick Jung offers up plenty of listicles and board game reviews.


  • Board Game Blitz – “Board Game Blitz is a bi-weekly podcast about modern board games and card games hosted by Ambie and Crystal. We also produce videos on the Dice Tower’s Youtube channel.”
  • Board Games in Bed – “Board games in bed is a weekly podcast about board and card games hosted by Becky and Kelly Rolfe. The podcast is recorded on a Sunday morning from their bed, where they recap what games they have been playing in the week and discuss a board game related topic.”
  • Breaking into Board Games Podcast – Hosted by Ian Zang, Dan Letzring and Tony Miller, a trio of guys that interview a diverse audience twice a month.
  • Building the Game Podcast – 400+ podcast episodes documenting how games get made. Plenty of diversity in the guest list over the years.
  • Ludology – “In these episodes, hosts Emma Larkins and Gil Hova (sometimes with Professor Scott Rogers) deep-dive into a single topic within game design, often with a well-regarded guest from the game industry. We generally focus on board game design, but we often pull in experts from all forms of games, from video games to slot machines.”
  • Meeple Syrup – “A weekly livestream featuring rotating guests discussing some of the finer points of tabletop game design – every Wednesday at 9pm EST!” Some more cool stuff when you support their Patreon, and some of their older episodes are at
  • Variable Player Power Podcast – “A queer board game & pop culture podcast dedicated to being a shining light in the #LGBTQ+ community.”


  • Be Bold Games – Brittanie Boe previews stuff coming to Kickstarters, reviews games that are already releases, and teaches you how to play plenty games.
  • Before You Play – playthroughs and review, vlogs, and previews of games coming to Kickstarter.
  • Board Game Broadscast – interviews with women designers and more. Also on Youtube at
  • Board Game Sanctuary – listicles, runthroughs, and reviews galore. Love the well-organized categories.
  • Cara the Blonde Unicorn – Kickstarter previews and a Ladies in Tabletop series.
  • Dicebreaker – board games, RPG’s, and some video games all get reviewed here.
  • Ella Loves Boardgames – Some video games sprinkled in the mix, along with unboxing, reboxing, previews, and reviews.
  • Geek and Sundry – tons of geeky stuff to watch and read on this one site alone. Game The Game with host Becca Scott is one highlight, but this is one deep rabbit hole to explore.
  • Girls’ Game Shelf – “The Girls’ Game Shelf video series offers a tutorial, gameplay highlights, and review all in one episode!”. Great way to learn a game and watch it played at the same time. Some great written previews and reviews here as well.
  • Jambalaya Plays Games – plenty of gameplay and opinions on games both from bigger companies and indie companies. Also does written reviews at
  • Meeple University – livestreams and how-to-play videos for lots of titles from co-founders Stella Jahja and Tarrant Falcke.
  • Our Family Plays Games – plenty of commentary and analysis from a familial perspective.
  • ProZD – Sung Won Cho’s channel is one part voice acting and one part game reviews.
  • Tantrum House – fully half of the six-person Tantrum House team is female. Plenty of new game reviews and previews. Look for a new podcast episode every Monday.
  • Unfiltered Gamer – “We are a group of tabletop gamers who enjoy sharing our love of games with the world. We do video walkthroughs and reviews, blog reviews and articles as well as a live-play every Wednesday evening on Facebook.” Calli’s Corner is great for designers or people newer to board games, while written posts and giveaways are over at

Facebook groups

  • Boudica Card and Board Game Community – run by Clare and based in the UK, she writes “my aim is to bring you interesting articles that are game-related, new game releases, ‘How to play’ videos and our monthly FREE game giveaway.”
  • Board Game Broads – “An inclusive space for women and gender non-conforming folks in the tabletop design community.”
  • The Game Industry Women Only group – “This is a page for women in the tabletop game industry. It’s a place to share ideas and information. A place for our community to learn, grow and flourish.”
  • Tabletop Game Professionals of Color – “A group for game developers, game designers, content creators, and other professionals of color in board gaming, tabletop RPGs, and LARPing.”
  • Women Board Game Designers – “Whether you are a published game designer, are currently working on your first game, or you have no idea where to start but are just interested in board game design, you are welcome here. Please feel free to invite other women that you think would be interested in this group.”

Other resources

Again, this is far from a complete list. Comment with resources you know about.

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