A little updating to the website, a lot of playtesting, some consulting for other designers… all in all, a fairly busy month.

Where is Chris now?

Chris is still in Warsaw, Poland – this is by far the longest I’ve been in one place for awhile. I’ll go back to being a digital nomad…. eventually…

What games are you playtesting?

Three games have been in pretty heavy rotation:

Travelers Tokyo – a resource management game about traveling the real world city of Tokyo using the real subway map (simplified and abstracted a bit, of course, but anyone that’s been to Tokyo will still recognize it). It fits pretty neatly into the gateway-plus category, and I’ve mainly been testing the balance and a few different ways to add player interaction.

Pirate Grannies – gateway, family-friendly worker placement with a bit of engine-building. Collect resources, complete missions, swap resources for skills, all in a ‘granny’s becoming a pirate’ sort of way. I’ve mainly been playtesting minor tweaks, since this game is pretty solid,

You read it here it first – introducing Bot Battle to the world! It’s only been playtested a handful of times, but it’s already one of my new favorites. Drafting, deck construction and deck DESTRUCTION in a fast-paced, 15-20 minute package that I’ve heard described as ‘rock-paper-scissors meets War’. If you’ve enjoyed any of the bot battling TV shows, this aims to replicate the maneuvering and outguessing of the sport while abstracting away the finer details. Over a dozen weapons, a dozen types of armor, and plenty of mobility options to keep your opponent guessing what you’ll play next.

(Want to playtest any of these? Join us in Virtual Playtesting, or reach out and let’s set up a time.)

What’s happening behind the scenes?

A weekly meeting with a co-designer about a game still in development.

A few tweaks to the website here and there, mostly behind the scenes stuff. A few other tweaks not quite finished as the month ends.

Some question writing for a trivia game, and of course playtesting a ton of cool games in Virtual Playtesting, Break My Game, and Remote Playtesting.

I’m working on writing some blog posts (sometimes inspired by questions or thoughts from the Facebook groups covering board game design) – just need to sit down and take the time to finish them up…

What’s the next big thing?

Definitely some pitching to do (and as part of that, some updating of sell sheets) along with some minor updates to Tabletop Publishers. Some games I can’t talk about are in motion, while I’m patiently waiting for some other stuff to get in motion…