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So the Meeple Syrup community made a thing – introducing Pecha Kucha Kon 2021, all about board game design from many different perspectives.

For those hearing the term ‘Pecha Kucha’ for the first time, it’s basically a presentation format where you have exactly 20 slides, and exactly 20 seconds per slide. (There are other, shorter versions, but this ’20×20′ is the best known version.) Pecha Kucha is Japanese for ‘chit chat’, and thanks to the time length it’s going to be succinct.

In any case, 7 videos were submitted to the Kon, including one from yours truly – all the videos are embedded below, and the full playlist can be found here. Enjoy!


Game Design From A Psychological Perspective – Meeple Syrup Show

Playtesting using Tabletop Simulator for absolute beginners – a Pecha Kucha – Chris Backe

Why you suck less (and more) than you think you do (PechaKuchaKon 2021)
Dog Eighty

Data Merge: Spreadsheets to Game Prototypes – Josh Derksen

(As of publication, this video can only be watched on Youtube itself, so head there to watch it.


Visual Design Principles: Pecha Kucha Kon ’21 – Sarah Shipp

Some thoughts on Military Strategy for Wargame Design – a PechaKucha – Dylan Kirk

How do the pieces fit? – Drayer, Ink

Which one’s your favorite? Learn something interesting? Comments are open.


Your followers and friends will love this!