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Maybe one of these days I’ll get better at making monthly updates… well, monthly.

With that said, it’s been a busy month since UKGE ended. June had a lot of behind-the-scenes editing work and some development work for clients, but was also a very productive month for designing and playtesting games.

To the update!

UKGE at the start of June was amazing, as you may have read.

With UKGE in the books, I began to mentally choose a handful of ideas I wanted to pursue into games. This is the first time I’ve tried to formalize a new ‘cycle’ of designing games, and a few weeks in, I’m not so sure it’ll work the way I wanted it to. The issues here have been three-fold:

  • Development and playtesting of current hasn’t stopped just because new ideas want a turn.
  • New ideas take the longest to develop / turn into something testable.
  • Other new games are coming out of my brain!

While some of those other new games can be put off, one of them is for the Button Shy / GenCan’t contest, which has a deadline a couple of weeks away as I type this.

For now, I’ve added the ideas (which are still too new to say much about and don’t even have prototypes to playtest yet) to my sheet of games.

I’m hoping to get to work on some of them in July, but there are a few other things I plan to get to…

Where is Chris now?

Chris is still in Birmingham, England.

What games are you playtesting?

  • Spies – a one-page deduction and hidden movement where players are spies infiltrating an ambassador’s mansion. Your goal is to complete missions or sabotage the missions done by your target (the player to your left)
  • City Business – a co-design that combines resource management, set collection, bidding, and area control to make a city come alive.
  • My Button Shy contest entry, Central Park, which started out as a co-design that became a solo project. One playtester has described as a ‘cerebral, brainy Tsuro’ – the year is 1857, and you’re all architects putting together plans for New York City’s landmark park. Connect things like flower gardens, museums, and sculptures with paths, but everyone can score secretly when you do.
  • Kill Your Darlings – based on the popular saying, I’m aiming it to be a pure take-that game where you’re trying to¬†keep your darlings, and the opponents are trying to kill them…

What’s happening behind the scenes?

  • A couple of games are on their way to being signed! They would be signed games #14 and #15… but until they’re announced by the future publisher I probably won’t be able to say much more about them.
  • I’ve seen some artwork for several of my already-signed games. Still no dates to announce, but the way these things are sounding, there’s a good chance there will some that overlap.

What’s the next big thing?

Your followers and friends will love this!