Game Night. Your place. Free for you.

One of the most awesome things about making games while traveling are the great people you meet along the way. As my wife and I travel, I set up game nights at hostels, bars, board game cafes, etc. We play games, we drink some drinks, and so on. I get some feedback on my games, your guests are entertained, and you probably sell a few more drinks that night. Might go without saying, but the plan is to respect curfews and quiet times if you have them.

As you might have seen from the rest of the site, I have nothing to sell here. All the games I bring are one-of-a-kind prototypes, and are not intended for sale. If people want, they can write down their e-mail address in my notebook when something does go on sale or gets ready for Kickstarter. Print and play versions are also available if people want them.

If you’re game (sorry), I’d be looking for:

  • A reserved spot in your common area (this looks different at every place, but essentially, an area or table where people are most likely to play board games)
  • Some signage hung in the building on the event’s behalf. I’m happy to send on a template and some ideas for this one, but anything that says ‘game night’ with the date, time, and location is going to be fine. Bonus points if it’s mentioned on your Facebook page, website, etc.

If the first event goes well, I’m open to making repeat appearances while in the area. Again, my goal is to play games and have fun, not sell stuff.



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