Yep, there's a bomb. Set for 10 minutes. Work together to defuse it, FAST!

Collect and play the three cards necessary to deactivate it...

...then get another player to play the final card to defuse it.


Real-time, set collecting, cooperative game with a traitor. For fans of Spaceteam, Bomb Squad, Two Rooms and a Boom, or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Yep, there’s a bomb. Several of them. They’re real. The countdowns all say 10 minutes. There’s no time for the bomb squad, so naturally, you and the other players have been locked in the room with the bombs. Search the room and use anything you can find to defuse the bombs.

The twist? There’s at least one bombmaker in the room — apparently, whoever locked the players in didn’t realize the bombmakers were still there…

Pass cards between players or draw cards from the deck, and call out other players as traitors if they’re not helping out. The assistants win if they defuse all the bombs before time runs out. The traitors win if any of the bombs explode.


Bomb deck: 24 red-bordered cards show the bomb.
Defuse deck: 72 black-bordered cards feature things you can use to defuse the bomb.
Character deck: 12 green-bordered cards show your role in the game (9 ‘assistants’, 3 ‘traitors’).