Defend your country from invaders in this satirical game!

Become a company to score freedom points for keeping invaders out (or letting them in!)

Invaders may come over, under, through, or by water — make sure your wall is good against them all.

Build! That! Wall!

For fans of Castle Panic, Munchkin, and bluffing games like Sheriff of Nottingham.

The invaders are coming! This is a semi-cooperative game that takes a satirical look at the notion of building a wall to keep out ‘invaders’. You are CEO’s, trying to be patriotic, please your president, score Freedom Points, and of course build a wall to keep out invaders. Each round, you will represent a new company, each with their own goals and secret interests. Companies score Freedom Points when their products are used, and some score more points if invaders are not repelled. You’re all building the same wall… but you each have your own interests to consider as well…