Tell a crazy travel story to score and win points!

Crazy Travel Stories

A story-telling game for fans of Once Upon a Time, Gloom, and Cards Against Humanity.

Whether you’re traveling right now or can’t wait for your next vacation, everyone loves a crazy travel story. Shuffle the deck of words and deal seven cards to each player. These cards are worth 1 to 5 points – easier words to use are worth less, harder words to use are worth more. Next, deal two story-starting cards to each player.

Once everyone has these nine cards, get creative! Pick one of those story-starting cards (discard the other one) and come up with the best travel story you can from up to five of the word cards. (As an optional house rule, you can also pass two word cards you don’t like to the player on your left — do this right after drawing them.) Organize the cards in your hand — when time is up, put all your cards face-down in front of you.

The main rules about your story:

  • The main elements of your story should be in the cards you play. As you tell the story feel free to add other details, but link those details into the cards you played.
  • There are no prepositions in the game (words like with, over, between, and so on). The story your cards tell will need them, of course, so add them to the story as you tell it.
  • Try to keep your story to two or three sentences. If all players agree on a longer time or story limit, use that instead.
  • Your story may only use up to five cards. The other two cards will be used for voting.
  • The grammar doesn’t need to be perfect.

Tell the story

The person who is furthest from where they were born goes first. Starting with that person and continuing clockwise, flip over the story cards face-up and tell a 2-3 sentence story with them. Keep remaining cards face-down in front of you.


Once everyone’s told their story, use your two (or more) remaining cards as votes for two other player’s stories — and no, you can’t vote for your own story.

  • Did someone’s story really make you laugh? Give them a higher point card!
  • Just a ‘meh’? Give them a lower point card.

Once all cards have been given out or discarded, flip over the votes you received and total up your points for your story. The winner is the story with the most total points, who earns the story card and tells the first story in the next round. First to 3 story cards wins the game.


Words deck: around 150 cards (each card has two words)
Story-starter deck: around 150 cards