Yep, that's a bomb. Set for 10 minutes. Work together to defuse it, FAST!

Collect and play the three cards necessary to deactivate it...

...if everyone played the correct tools, the bomb is defused.


Real-time, set collecting, cooperative game with a traitor. For fans of Spaceteam, Bomb Squad, Two Rooms and a Boom, or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

You are officers on a top-secret submarine mission in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Suddenly, a loud beep sounds and a ten-minute timer on bombs throughout the ship has activated. You don’t know how they got there or who activated them, but you can’t surface, call for help, or evacuate…. meaning it’s time to get to work defusing those bombs right away!

There may be a saboteur on your team, but it’s also possible the bombs were activated remotely. You’ll have to figure which team members are loyal, incapacitate the saboteur(s), but most importantly, defuse those bombs — and all in the next 10 minutes!

Pass cards between players or draw cards from the deck, and call out other players as traitors if they’re not helping out. The assistants win if they defuse all the bombs before time runs out. The bombmakers win if any of the bombs explode.


Bomb deck: 24 red-bordered cards show a bomb, and what cards you need to defuse it.
Defuse deck: 89 cards (53 black-bordered tool cards, 18 red-bordered weapons cards, 18 black-border twist cards)
Character deck: 24 green-bordered character cards (22 ‘officers’, 2 ‘bombmakers’).