Roll, slide, move, stack, flick, and spin dice in this hilarious party game!

Help! I’m Stuck In A Japanese Game Show!

This over-the-top series of mini-games simulates the craziness of the weirdest game shows on earth. Players will be rolling, stacking, flicking, sliding, and spinning their dice for their team, but also on their own. Partnerships will be forged — and broken — as players take the mini-games on. Collect a chip when you win a round, and the first to 5 chips wins the game.

For fans of Junk Art, Meeple Circus, and other dexterity games — think Mario Party meets weird Japanese game show.


  • 40 dice (5 each in 8 different colors)
  • 40-50 oversized cards, each with one mini-game
  • 30 plastic (or chipboard) chips (6 each of 5 different colors)


Shuffle the player boards, then place face-down in the center of the table. Give each player five dice (or let each player choose which color they want). The player who’s most recently watched a game show starts.

Ground rules

While the specific rules on each card will detail who wins each games, consider these the rules of fair play in general:

  • Have someone read the rules for each mini-game out loud for everyone to hear.
  • The first player to act is indicated by the arrow. If there is no player directly in that direction, continue clockwise to find the first player. Play always continues clockwise.
  • In games that have teams, players are free to choose teams any way they like.
  • You may not block other player’s shots.
  • You may not touch or hit another player’s dice unless explicitly allowed by the mini-game.