There's been a murder in your town. The Judge has convened a jury, but the murderer is on it....

Make accusations, point fingers, and find the murderer!

Kangaroo Court

For fans of Mafia, Ultimate Werewolf, Secret Hitler, Resistance, Dracula’s Feast, and other social bluffing / social discussion games.
No moderator is needed (everyone plays), there’s no eye-closing, and no one is eliminated!

There’s been a murder in your quaint little city. Together with an Accomplice or three, the Murderer got away from the scene. The Sheriff has called the Judge to convene a jury. The Murderer and Accomplice(s) have gotten themselves named to the jury, however, so it’s up to everyone to figure out who the Murderer is.

Each round, players draw a new role — Sheriff, Judge, Jury Member, Witness, Accomplice, or maybe even the Murderer. The assignments are always based on who’s sitting at the table when the round starts, so it’s easy for a player to take a break or get a drink while everyone else carries on.

Four quick notes:

  • Table talk is allowed and encouraged! You may say (and lie about) anything you like, but you may not reveal your card to anyone else unless it’s part of the gameplay below.
  • Anyone can claim to be any other role in the game.
  • There are really just two win conditions in the game — find the murderer and/or accomplice guilty, or help them get away while avoiding being found guilty yourself!
  • The only player to reveal their role publicly is the Judge. Everyone but the Judge votes.


  • 21 cards (1 Sheriff, 1 Judge, 1 Murderer, 3 Witness, 3 Accomplice, 12 Jury)
  • 60 mini voting cards (20 each saying ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘3’)
  • 17 tokens
    • 5 ‘Accused’ tokens
    • 9 ‘Witness’ tokens (3 each of red, green, and blue)
    • 3 ‘Suspect’ tokens (1 each of red, green, and blue, with numbers 1-3 on them)