You've been granny-napped! You've convinced the captain of your skills, though...

Move around the ship to get Combat, Courage, Leadership, and Navigation skills.

Pirate Grannies

You’ve been Granny-napped! Pirates have pillaged your village and taken you aboard their ship. Normally, women on a pirate ship were bad luck, but you’ve convinced the captain of your skills. Move around the pirate ship to fulfill quests, gain skills, then meet one of your secret win conditions to win!

This worker-placement, skill-management game is simple enough for kids to play with grandparents but strategic enough for a fun, short game.


  • 6 player boards (A5-sized)
  • 6 stylized ‘granny’ meeples
  • 42 small cubes or tokens (7 each of 6 different colors)
  • 150 cards (66 granny cards, 24 quest cards, 45 pirate cards, 15 secret goal cards)
  • Rule booklet