It's your first day at a taco truck, and you're slammed with orders!

Collect orders and roll the dice to make tacos and score points.


Card drafting, resource management, family-friendly game — for fans of Sushi Go or 7 Wonders.

It’s your first day on a Mexico City taco truck, and you’re slammed with orders! Get ingredients, choose which orders to fill, make tacos or side dishes, and score points.

Start by dealing out Ingredient cards to each player, which represents your morning delivery. Deal out cards from the ordering deck, which includes order cards, help cards, and side dish cards. Fill your orders and make side dishes with your ingredients, then use your help cards to get more ingredients or slow down your opponents.

Play 3 rounds, then total up your points — the most points is the winner.


  • 25 Order cards
  • 17 Help cards
  • 12 Side Dish cards
  • 54 Ingredient cards