Need a developer? Some playtesting? A brainstormer? Someone to bounce ideas off of?

Hi, I’m Chris. Whether we’ve met at a conference, on a Facebook group, on Twitter, or on this very site, I’d be happy to help. What do you need?

Just a quick call

Sure thing — let’s jump on Skype and talk shop for up to an hour. For the time being, I’ll offer this on a ‘pay-what-it’s-worth-to-you’ basis. Make contact below.

Some playtesting

Sure thing — I know how tough it is find blind playtesters. Send on your PnP and I’ll assemble it like it’s one of my own. Make contact below.


Alright — let’s start by chatting on Skype (just like above) about your project and what you need. I can then tell you how (or if) I can help, and what those costs would look like. Make contact below.

Make a game for me

Happy to help — let’s chat to discuss your vision, your audience, your expectations, and your timeline. Make contact below.

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