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Apocalypse Garden

Lots of decision-making, unusual theme, five difficulty levels, simple but deep.

Submitted to Board Game Geek’s single player contest September 2018.

Well, the end of the world came and went — as one of the world’s ‘preppers’, you survived. Now, you’re trying to regrow civilization — and a little garden from the seeds you saved. In this one-player-only resource management game, you’ll need to ask the age-old question: ‘how does your garden grow?’ Those ration packs won’t last forever, after all. Grow your vegetables, protect them from intruders, and don’t starve!

While originally conceived as a one-player game, a two-player competitive and cooperative mode have also been created. All modes can be played with a single copy of the game.

Bangkok: A Traveler’s Game

A fun exploration game using real-world adventures.

Vacations are expensive, but adventure doesn’t need to be! You are all tourists that just landed in Bangkok. Draw action cards, find the best combinations, embrace local experiences, explore the city, collect souvenirs, and score the most Adventure Points over the game’s three rounds (days).

Each player will need to manage their money and energy while trying to reach their must-see destinations (you’ll score bonus points if you do) and collect sets of souvenirs. Each city layout and transportation system is modeled after the real one, and is carefully crafted to use real-life landmarks and situations based on the author’s actual travel experiences. The gameplay is the same for each game in the series, so if you’ve learned to play one, you’ve learned to play them all!

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Build! That! Wall!

Satirical but serious semi co-op. Must plan ahead and bargain with other players.

The invaders are coming! This is a semi-cooperative game that takes a satirical look at the notion of building a wall to keep out ‘invaders’. You are CEO’s, trying to be patriotic, please your president, score Freedom Points, and of course build a wall to keep out invaders. Each round, you will represent a new company, each with their own goals and secret interests. Companies score Freedom Points when their products are used, and some score more points if invaders are not repelled. You’re all building the same wall… but you each have your own interests to consider as well…


Crazy Travel Stories

Hilarious story-starting cards set players up to succeed. Stories can be as clean or as dirty as the group desires.

Whether you’re traveling right now or can’t wait for your next vacation, everyone loves a crazy travel story. Shuffle the deck of words and deal seven cards to each player. These cards are worth 1 to 5 points – easier words to use are worth less, harder words to use are worth more. Next, deal two story-starting cards to each player.

Once everyone has these nine cards, get creative! Pick one of those story-starting cards (discard the other one) and come up with the best travel story you can from up to five of the word cards. (As an optional house rule, you can also pass two word cards you don’t like to the player on your left — do this right after drawing them.) Organize the cards in your hand — when time is up, put all your cards face-down in front of you.

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Multi-use cards make you choose which actions are most important to you. Simple game with deep strategy, trendy theme.

Honorable Mention in the Board Game Design Lab contest.

The newest gold rush is cryptocurrency, and in this light strategy card game, you can become incredibly rich or lose it all in the flip of a card. Be greedy! Time the market to sell at the perfect time, use your gold ‘superpower’ cards at the right time, and watch out for crash cards! Win by having the most points after the last crash card is revealed.

Each turn, you’ll play a card from your hand. Do its action, then move the market (each coin has a value that can go up or down). Add the coin to your portfolio, then choose to sell coins if you want. The game ends with the fourth and final Crash card is revealed from the deck — score points for any coins in your portfolio and any Gold cards left in your hand. Most points wins.


Turn-based game where the clock never stops — a carefully engineered balance of chaos.

Real-time, set collecting, cooperative game with a traitor. You are officers on a top-secret submarine mission in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Suddenly, a loud beep sounds and a ten-minute timer on bombs throughout the ship has activated. You don’t know how they got there or who activated them, but you can’t surface, call for help, or evacuate…. meaning it’s time to get to work defusing those bombs right away!

There may be a saboteur on your team, but it’s also possible the bombs were activated remotely. You’ll have to figure which team members are loyal, incapacitate the saboteur(s), but most importantly, defuse those bombs — and all in the next 10 minutes!

Pass cards between players or draw cards from the deck, and call out other players as bombmakers if they’re not helping out. The officers win if they defuse all the bombs before time runs out. The bombmakers win if any of the bombs explode. A couple of other roles make things just a little more interesting…

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Don Quixote

A family-friendly game that embraces a classic story.

You are Don Quixote de la Mancha! OK, you’re actually Alonso Quixano, and you’ve read a few too many romantic books about chivalry. While trying to hold onto your Sanity, you decide to become a knight errant. Together with your squire, Sancho, you set out to win the heart of your lady love, the Dulcinea del Toboso. This is the world through your eyes — where others see windmills, you see giants!

To win, be the first to complete three quests… but if you go insane or lose all your Health during a quest, the current quest is automatically lost and you’re returned to the last inn you visited. If you and another player end up on the same space, at the end of a turn, you gain something a little extra … but you only win by completing quests. Sometimes you want to go it alone, sometimes you want to tag-team an enemy. You’ll want to cooperate at some times, but not others.

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Help! I’m Stuck On A Japanese Game Show!

Think ‘Mario Party’, but offline — each mini-game changes the teams and needed skills up.

This over-the-top series of dice-based mini-games simulates the craziness of the weirdest game shows on earth. Players will be rolling, stacking, flicking, sliding, and spinning their dice for their team, but also on their own. Partnerships will be forged — and broken — as players take the mini-games on. Collect a chip when you win a round, and the first to 5 chips wins the game.


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How Much Money

Challenges people to put a price tag on crazy stunts. The party game you can learn in seconds and never gets old.

Playtesters have heard it called ‘Las Vegas’ (which is used by another game) and ‘What’s Your Price?’ (used by a dating service). Currently, it’s How Much Money.

They say everyone has a price. What’s yours?

Guess how much money it would take your friends do some crazy stuff, then score points based on how close you got. One person is the daredevil, who chooses a ‘mild’ or ‘wild’ card, then reads a crazy or embarrassing stunt. They’ll draw a card, read it out loud, then write down how much money it would take to get them to do the stunt. Everyone else writes down their guess at how what the Daredevil wrote, then place bets on what they think the right answer is without going over. How well do you know your friends?

Important: the ‘mild’ deck is playable by teens (dirty, dangerous, and crazy, but nothing sexual), but the ‘wild’ deck is for adults only.


Next Great American Novel

Deck-building game with a twist. 

2-4 players with base game, 5-6 players possible with expansion.

You’re a writer trying to write the next Great American Novel, but you can’t seem to find the words! You’ll start with a few scattered pages of notes, then put them together to build your novel. Score points by collecting ideas and adding them to your novel. Collect the most points to win.

This game is aimed at familiarizing writers with dozens of writing terms, both familiar and obscure, while being a fun new deck-builder.


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Pirate Grannies

Simple, family-friendly worker placement game with some interesting choices to make.

You’ve been Granny-napped! Pirates have pillaged your village and taken you aboard their ship. Normally, women on a pirate ship were bad luck, but you’ve convinced the captain of your skills. Move around the pirate ship to fulfill quests, gain skills, then meet one of your secret win conditions to win!

This worker-placement, skill-management game is simple enough for kids to play with grandparents but strategic enough for a fun, short game.

Roll Your Words

Use dice. Make words. Vowels are free.

This game was submitted to the GenCan’t roll-and-write contest in mid-2017. 

It’s the best double-entendre, dice-rolling, word-making, screw-with-your-neighbor game out there! Roll your dice, collect consonants, and make words that fit the category for bonus points.

To start the game, have the person with the longest first name roll their two dice to determine the bonus category. Words that fit this category will get 5 bonus points per letter.

To start each round, all players roll both of their dice at the same time. Players pick one die to save, then pass the other to your neighbor (to the right on odd rounds, to the left on even rounds). These two dice correspond to a consonant (see the scoresheet), which players write into the ‘letters’ box for that round. As you’re rolling and writing, be thinking about the bonus category and the best word you can make with your rolled consonants and as many vowels as you want. (Vowels score no points.) Words must have four letters or more.

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Royal Wedding

The spiritual successor / sequel to ‘Love Letter’. Tiny game, but more depth, tons of strategy, and ways to play.

Having exchanged love letters with a Secret Admirer for months, the Princess of Wanili has received a marriage proposal. She has accepted, invites have been sent, and tables set. But who is the Secret Admirer? Not even the Princess seems to know, but she’s willing to drop some hints along the way. Nobles and their entourages from four countries have all shown up to the royal wedding. Will the Secret Admirer be the Captain from Vermell, the Judge of Kollane, or a Food Taster from Wanili? No one will know until the door is opened…

You want to have the Secret Admirer — the highest-ranking person who matches the most hints — in your entourage at the end of the game. To do so, you’ll need to add royals to your entourage, rearrange the Princess’ hints, and force other players to discard cards.

Secret Recipe

Builds logic and deductive reasoning! Has a unique system for discovering whether a solution is correct without revealing the actual answer.

The owner of the world-famous Momma’s Chili company is ready to retire, and they’re ready to pass on their secret recipe to one of you. First, however, you have to figure out what that secret recipe is! The owner has devised a game that will test your logic and powers of observation. To win, be the first to exactly match the ingredients and the order of the secret ingredients in the middle of the table.

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Spin the Knife

A party game learned in a minute, yet offers deep strategy.

Don’t get stabbed. Simple as that.

Play cards from your hand to protect, then spin the knife. If the knife’s pointing at you, play a card to deflect it to someone else. If you’re out of cards, you take a stabbed card. Collect 3 stabbed cards and you’re out – everyone else counts cards in their hand. Most cards in hand wins. You want to play enough cards to protect you while keeping enough cards to win.


Great balance set collection and ‘mess-with-your-neighbor’.

It’s your first day on a Mexico City taco truck, and you’re slammed with orders! Get ingredients, choose which orders to fill, make tacos or side dishes, and score points.

Start by dealing out Ingredient cards to each player, which represents your morning delivery. Deal out cards from the ordering deck, which includes order cards, help cards, and side dish cards. Fill your orders and make side dishes with your ingredients, then use your help cards to get more ingredients or slow down your opponents.

Simple, right? Not really — your opponents might steal your ingredients or take that great 40-point order before you can grab it. You’ll have to balance filling orders and grabbing stuff before your opponents can. Is it better to fill that 10-point side dish or hold out and try to fill a big 40-point order?

Play 3 rounds, then total up your points — the most points is the winner.

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Unicorn Zoo

Several different styles of auctions — players incentives change throughout each round.

The day has arrived – through a miracle of magic and science, Uni Co. has figured out how to create real unicorns. In this auction and acquire game, you and the other collectors playing will stop at nothing to own the first real unicorns and build your own unicorn zoo. Acquire, bargain, and bond your unicorn to score points.

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Each role is unique (no boring ‘Villagers’), and the game solves mechanical issues present in Werewolf / Mafia (Who Shot the Sheriff has no eye-closing, no player elimination, and no moderator, so everyone plays). Three ‘teams’ all have their own win conditions in this imperfect information game.

Someone shot the Sheriff! Together with an Accomplice or three, the Murderer got away from the scene. The Deputy has called the Judge to convene a jury. The Murderer and Accomplice(s) have gotten themselves named to the jury, however, so it’s up to the Jury to figure out who the Murderer is — or to help them get away!

Each round, players draw a new role — Deputy, Judge, Witness, Accomplice, or maybe even the Murderer. The Judge will call the Deputy and Witness to the stand — but anyone can claim to be any role….

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