About the company

Entro Games is based whatever city Chris is living in, and designs tabletop games (or board games if you like, except some games have no board).

Three overarching principles go into every game, no matter the theme:

Lots of strategy and replayability – because every time you play a game should be unique.

Easy to learn and setup – because spending half an hour setting up the game just delays the fun.

Fun to play, not filler – because ‘fun’ is why we play.

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About Chris

Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey) runs the one-man show at Entro Games. Born near Chicago, IL, USA, he designed his first game (Armies and Legions) at 10 years old. While he has enjoyed playing board games most of his life, he began making tabletop games in 2016 and connecting with the broader industry.

Since 2008, Chris has been an expat or digital nomad, traveling the world with his awesome wife Laura. This makes game design / development a little more challenging (how do you say ‘want to playtest my new game’ in Hungarian?), but it’s still totally fun.

Chris is also an author of dozens of guidebooks, a travel blogger, a pretty decent swing dancer, Go follow me on Facebook for the more personal connection, or join the Entro Games Facebook group for just the gaming stuff..